1300s - Mid 1400s

Cimabue (Cenno di Pepi)
(c. 1240 - 1302)

Chimabue Crucifixion (1287-1288) tempera on wood
Florence, Museo dell' Opera di Santa Croce

Cimabue Virgin in Maestà, with Child, Four Angels and Saint Francis (1287-1288) fresco
Assisi, Lower Basilica of Saint Francis

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Giotto di Bondone
(1266 - 1337)

Giotto di Bondone The Dream of Innocent III (late 1200s) fresco
Upper chapel, Basilica of St Francis, Assisi

Giotto di Bondone Lamentation (the Mourning of Christ) (1303 - 1305) fresco
Padua, The Arena Chapel

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Duccio di Buoninsegna
(1268 - 1319)

Duccio di Buoninsegna Maestà with Twenty Angels and Nineteen Saints (c. 1308-1311) tempera on wood
Obverse of the reredos for the main altar, Cathedral of Siena
Siena, Museo dell'Opera del Duomo

Duccio di Buoninsegna Christ and the Samaritan Woman at the Well  (c. 1308-1311) tempera on wood
Washington, D.C., National Gallery of Art

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Simone Martini
(1284 - 1344)

Simone Martini The Miracle of Augustine's Saving the Child Falling from the Window (1328) tempera on wood
Siena, Church of St. Augustine Novello

Simone Martini Guidoriccio da Fogliano (1330) fresco
Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, Sala del Mappamondo

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Ambrogio Lorenzetti
(c. 1290 - 1348)

Stories of Saint Nicolas (1332) tempera on wood
Florence, The Uffizi Gallery

Ambrogio Lorenzetti The Effects of Good Government on the City Life (1338) fresco
City Hall of Siena

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Andrea Pisano
(1290 - 1348)

Andrea Pisano Detail of the panels for the South Doors of the Florence Baptistery (1330-1336)

Jacopo della Quercia
(1375 - 1438)

Jacopo della Quercia Madonna and Child (Silvestri Madonna) (1406) marble
Ferrara, Cathedral

Siena Baptistery

Jacopo della Quercia Baptismal font (c. 1417) marble, gilded bronze, and colored enamel
Siena, Baptistery

Jacopo della Quercia Baptismal font detail: Zacharias in the Temple
Siena, Baptistery

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Lorenzo Ghiberti
(1378 - 1455)

Lorenzo Ghiberti The "Gates of Paradise" (1425-1452)
The East Doors of the Florence Baptistry

Lorenzo Ghiberti Adam and Eve
Panel Detail of the East Doors ("The Gates of Paradise") of the Florence Baptistery

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Filippo Brunelleschi
(1377 - 1446)

Filippo Brunelleschi Dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral - Florence (1419-1461)

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Gentile da Fabriano
(c. 1370 - 1427)

Gentile da Fabriano Adoration of the Magi (1423) Tempera on wood
Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi

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(1386 - 1455)

Donatello St. George (1415-1417) marble
Florence, Museo Nazionale del Bargello

(1401 - 1428)

Tommaso Masaccio Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise (c. 1426) fresco
Florence, Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine

Fra Angelico
(1387 - 1455)

Fra Angelico The Annunciation (1440-1441) fresco
Florence, Museo di San Marco

Early Italian Renaissance Architecture
(1300s - 1400s)

Venice, Italy

Doges' Palace, Venice
(facade on the jetty, 1300s; balcony 1404; facade on the Piazzetta, 1424-1442)

Piazza San Marco with the Basilica painting by Canaletto (1730)
The facade of Saint Mark's Basilica (originally just a chapel) was rebuilt to its present appearance during the first half of the 1200s
Cambridge, Fogg Art Museum

Giovanni Bon (with his son Bartolomeo Bon) - The Ca' d'Oro (Palazzo Santa Sofia)
located on the Grand Canal, Venice (14241430)
Wikipedia - "Ca' d'Oro"

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Florence, Italy

Arnolfo di Cambio The Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace or Town Hall) of Florence (early 1300s)
Wikipedia - "Palazzo Vecchio"

Arnolfo di Cambio Il Duomo (the Cathedral) (designed in the 1290s)
Giotto continued the work, including the design of the campanile in the early 1300s;
Filippo Brunelleschi designed the Cathedral's dome in 1419
and directed its construction until completed in 1461; construction continued to the early 1500s

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Giotto's Campanile - early 1300s

Giovanni Stradano, Processione in Piazza della Duomo (1700s)

Siena, Italy

Piazza del Campo

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