Geneva, Switzerland-Center of ProtestantReform(mid 1500s)


7. The Kings and Prophets
of Israel and Judah

King David and the Prophet Nathan

Read 2nd Samuel 7:1-29

David, Bathsheba and Nathan Solomon:  Wise or confused? The Kingdom divided The northern Kingdom of Israel defeated and the people carried off into captivity--never to be heard of again Judah and the Jews:  The remnant of Moses and David's Israel The Prophets as the most powerful of the Spiritual guides of Israel during the rule of the kings of Israel and Judah
The Early Prophets:  still a bit like the Judges or Samuel The Later Prophets:  more focused on declaring God's truth to a deaf people. John the Baptist in Jesus' time:  The last of the prophets--in the tradition of Elijah?

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