15.  The Medieval Church

(400 - 1400)

What do we mean by "medieval" times?  Were these indeed "Dark Ages"?

The Invasion Routes of the German Tribes:  Late 300s to late 400s

What happened to the church during these tough times?

Why was Celtic Christianity so important to the Christian West? But the Roman Bishop (Pope) and curia were by no means inactive during this same period. How did the Muslim Arabs further complicate life for the Christians in the 600s and 700s? Why was Charlemagne so important? What role did the Vikings play in the shaping of Medieval Europe? Why did the Crusades (1100s / 1200s) begin to reverse the picture of a weakened Europe? How did the Crusades produce a quite different effect than the one originally intended? How did this economic revival in the West challenge its medieval Christian culture in the 1300s and 1400s?
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