Visigothic fibulas – from Tierra de Barros, Spain (500s)
Walters Art Gallery - Baltimore (Bridgeman Art Library, Paris)

Coloisonné purse lid from a Saxon ship burial site in eastern England - c. 600

Belt buckle (left) and shoulder clasp (right) from a Saxon ship burial site in eastern England - c. 600

The Lindisfarne Gospel:  The beginning of the Gospel of John - c. 700
The British Library

Page from the Lindisfarne Gospels (c. 698-700)
London, British Museum

Silver and gold-plated bronze chalice from Ardagh (700s)
Dublin, National Museum of Ireland


The Lorsch Gospels (ca. 780–820)

Lorsch Gospels (Codex Aureus of Lorsch) 778–820 - Charlemagne's Court School
Ivory front book cover
Vatican, Bibliotheca Apostolica

Lorsch Gospels
Ivory back book cover
London, Victoria and Albert Museum

The Evangelist composing his gospel

The Königshalle (Kingshall) of Lorsch Abbey (c. 800)
photo:  Tobias Helfrich

The Four Evangelicals (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) from the Aachen Gospels (c. 820)
Aachen Cathedral

Page from "Ebbo's Gospels" (St. Matthew) (816-835)
Épernay, Bibliothèque Municipale

Carolingian Manuscript:  manuscriptum Fuldense ca. 831/40
Raban Maur (left), supported by Alcuin (middle), dedicates his work to Archbishop Otgar of Mainz (Right)
Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

 Charlemagne (or is it Charles the Bald?) with Popes Gelasius I and Gregory I
-- from the sacramentary of Charles the Bald (ca. 870)

Ivory plaque, probably from a book cover - Reims, late 800s
top:  St. Remy reviving a girl
middle:  the hand of God fills two jugs
below:  the Baptism of Clovis by St. Remy

Equestrian bronze statuette of Charlemagne (900s)
From the Treasury of the Metz Cathedral (France)
Paris, Musée du Louvre

Cathedral Treasury, Aachen.  Photo by Ann Münchow


The octagonal interior of Charlemagne's Cathedral at Aachen (completed in 805)
Tobias Helfrich

Oseberg vikingship head post
Oslo, Universitets Oldsaksamling

Pope Gregory I dictating the Gregorian chants (c. 1000)
From the Antiphonary of Hartker of the monastery of Saint Gallen (Cod. Sang. 390, p. 13)

"The Presentation at the Temple" (c. 1015)
detail in bronze from the gate of the abbey church of St. Michael, Hildesheim (Saxony, Germany)

The Bayeux Tapestry (1070 - 1080)
depicting the victory of the Norman Duke William over the Saxon or English King Harold at Hastings (1066)

Detail from the Bayeux tapestry – William, Duke of Normandy, haranguing his troops
Bayeux, Musée de la Tapisserie

Saxon King Harold

Harold's soldiers

The Assault on Dinant

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