Mid - Late 1500s

Jacopo Carucci da Pontormo
(Florentine:  1494 - 1557)

Jacopo Carucci da Pontormo Portrait of a Halberdier (1528-1530) oil on canvas
Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum

Jacopo Carucci da Pontormo A Portrait of a Lady in Red (1532) oil on wood
Frankfurt, Städelsches Kunstinstitut

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Il Bronzino (Agnolo di Cosimo)
(Florence:  1503 - 1572)

Angelo Bronzino Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi (c. 1540) oil on wood
Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi

Angelo Bronzino Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi (c. 1540) oil on wood
Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi

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Francesco Primaticcio
(1504 - 1570)

Francesco Primaticcio Interior paintings, frescos and decor at the Château de Fontainebleau

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Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti)
(Venetian:  1518 - 1594)

Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti) Transport of the Body of St. Mark (1562-1566) oil on canvas
Venice, Galleria dell'Accademia

Paolo Veronese
(Venetian:  1528 - 1588)

Paolo Veronese - The Wedding at Cana (1562-1563)
Paris, Louvre Museum

Paolo Veronese - The Feast in the House of Levi (1573)
Venice, Galleria dell'Accademia

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Pieter Bruegel
(Flemish:  1525 - 1569)

Pieter Bruegel the Elder Wedding Feast (c. 1566) Oil on panel
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Pieter Bruegel The Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind (1568) tempera on canvas
Naples, Galleria Nazionale di Capodimonte

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François Clouet
(1515 -1572)

François Clouet Catherine de' Medici (c. 1580) oil on panel
Baltimore, Walters Art Museum

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Late Renaissance Sculpture and Architecture


Germain Pilon The Three Graces; Monument to the heart of Henri II (1560-1566) marble
Paris, Musée du Louvre

Benvenuto Cellini
c. 1500 - 1571

Benvenuto Cellini - Perseus with the head of Medusa
Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence

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Andrea Palladio
(Italian Architect:  1508 -1580)

Andrea Palladio Villa La Rotonda, Vicenza
work commenced by Palladio in 1550; finished by Scamozzi in 1606

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Giorgio Vasari
(Italian Architect:  1511 -1574)

Giorgio Vasari - The Ufizzi Gallery, Florence
(looking toward the Palazzo Vecchio)

Giorgio Vasari - The Corridoio vasariano ("Vasari Corridor" )
from the Palazzo Vecchio, through the Ufizzi Gallery, across the Ponte Vecchio, to the Palazzo Pitti

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Other Late Renaissance Architects

Robert Smythson Wollaton Hall, Notthinghamshire (1580-1588)

Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola Stairway of the Farnese Palace, Caprarola, near Viterbo,
constructed for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (1559-1564)

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