Gianbattista Tiepolo
1696 - 1770

Gianbattista Tiepolo Venus Receives Mars fresco
Venice, Palazzo Pisanie

Gianbattista Tiepolo The Triumph of Aureliano (c. 1718)
Turin, Galleria Sabauda

Gianbattista Tiepolo The Banquet of Cleopatra (1743-1744)
National Gallery of Victoria (Australia)

Gianbattista Tiepolo  Crucifixion (1750) oil on canvas
(with the assistance of his son, Giandomenico Tiepolo)
St. Louis Museum of Art

Gianbattista Tiepolo Caesar Contemplating the Head of Pompey (1750) oil on canvas

Apollo and the Continents Ceiling Series - The Episcopal Residence, Würzburg (1752-1753)

Gianbattista Tiepolo Europe

Tiepolo Asia

Tiepolo Asia

Tiepolo Africa (left-hand side)

Tiepolo Africa (right-hand side)

Tiepolo America

Tiepolo America (left-hand side)

Tiepolo America (right-hand side)

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