24.  In Review

How is it that we have come to know about God?
Where is God and His kingdom?
How do we come to know God personally?

How does God know us?
Why is the Bible so important to us?

Why does the Bible start off with the story contrasting God’s good creation—and Adam and
      Eve’s early fall into sin?

Why is God’s redemption of all mankind central to the rest of the story?

Which of God’s people does He love?

Why has He chosen only some to be “His People”?

How does someone become one of the “chosen”?

How do people know that they are among God’s chosen?

What are we to say about Jesus's claim to be the "only way" to the Father?

How ought we Christians present ourselves before our confused world?

How should we approach those of other faiths?

What does God really require of us?

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  Miles H. Hodges