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          Identity - and the need to discipline its associated behavior (Sep 9, 2022)
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          God's Word is not a selective moral smorgasbord (Sep 6, 2022)
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   A five part lecture series:  Putting some wisdom back into America's doings
      1. Wisdom - not passion
      2. What exactly is a society?
      3. The critical role of the American family
      4. Religion as social foundation
      5. Christianity as the foundation of American democracy

Some Conversations (Video)

       A Thanksgiving Podcast with  my Son-in-Law Preacher, Rimi Xhemajli
          (Nov 25, 2020)
      Another Podcast with Rimi (Aug 13, 2020)
      An even earlier Postcast with my son John (date? ... probably 2018)
Some Sermons (Video)

4th of July Message (Jul 4, 2021)
      Finding Social Truth in the Laboratory of History (not Human Reason)
     (Dec 27, 2020)

  Miles H. Hodges