A Thanksgiving Podcast with  my Son-in-Law Preacher, Rimi Xhemajli
          (November 25, 2020)

Another Podcast with Rimi (August 13, 2020)

An even earlier Postcast with my son John (date? ... probably 2018)


A discussion (November 25, 2020) between my son-in-law, Pastor Rimi Xhemajli, and me concerning the Pilgrims who held that famous Thanksgiving feast honoring God ... in the face of all the personal suffering and loss they had recently experienced in getting their Plymouth Plantation up and running.  Many are the lessons we could draw today from the way they understood the dynamic that shaped them as a people.

Another discussion (August 13, 2020) on a wide range of issues, but most importantly concerning what it was that motivated and directed the writing of my three-volume history of America's covenant with God.

Here's my first podcast ... with my son John.  It's just a general look at America ... and where it is headed.  It comes at the subject from two different generational perspectives, (more than 50 years separating us!).